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How To Start Running When You’re Overweight.

In this podcast, I will share how to start running if you’ve never run before and are overweight and how to to do it while minimising the risk of injury…

Running for weight loss is a great idea. But if you’re overweight, it can be hard to get started. In this podcast, I share my top tips for how to start running when you’re overweight –

And find out why starting with walking might be your best option.

Many people want to get into shape but don’t know where or how they should start.

Running can be an excellent way for overweight people because it’s the most straightforward form of exercise that gets them on their feet and moving.

However, the key is to build up so that your body has time to adapt and you reduce the risk of injury.

Key Points In The Podcast How To Start Running When You’re Overweight

00:00 01:23 Intro To How To Start Running When Your Overweight

01:24 Walking Will Get You Running Quicker. To Start Running When You’re Overweight

05:03 Go From Walking To Running. To Start Running When You’re Overweight

7:03 Look After Your Feet To Start Running When You’re Overweight

08:48 Adapt Your Lifestyle To Start Running When You’re Overweight

Snippet From The Episode

is runners high a myth

I am a 57-year-old runner that is determined to give ageing a good run for its money :)
Running has given so much, from running 10Ks, marathons, and ten marathons in 10 days.
In this blog, I want to help other runners get better and get the secondary benefits of running: more energy, improved mood and functional fitness.

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