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Online Running Coaching

Are You An Older Runner…

That Has Wondered, Could I Still Go Faster?

Maybe you …

Know you can’t help being an older runner, but you can do something about being an old runner.

So If You….

  • Want to get faster.
  • Be more consistent.
  • Have at your fingertips a tried and tested system for success.
  • Have someone in your corner when the going gets tough.
  • Race day strategy advice and encouragement.
  • The inner game of running coaching to help you become a more resilient runner.
  • Daily guidance and weekly feedback keep you on track and motivated.

Then you might want to consider my online running coaching.

I say my coaching. I work with Liam Butterworth of The Online Running Coach.

Because this enables me to add more value due to Liam’s expertise as a physio.

Many older runners have niggles, and I think having Liam as a sounding board adds value to the coaching experience for runners.

Next Steps

  1. Click the link and book yourself in for a chat.
  2. Either Liam or I will talk about your running; listen to what worked or held you back so far.
  3. If we feel we can help, we will let you know how the coaching works.
  4. And then it’s over to you if it seems to be a good fit for your running goals.