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The Unexpected Lesson from Life’s Hardest Moments.

    In the quiet and reflective hours of my dad’s final day, surrounded by the constant beeps of hospital monitors, I found myself lost in thought, seeking any distraction from the heavy reality I faced. Amidst the sadness, an unexpected observation struck me.

    Unexpected Insights in Unlikely Places

    As I watched the hospital staff, I couldn’t help but notice their routine huddles—brief moments of connection and communication, similar to teams on a sports field.

    Sharing information and feedback seemed to bring a sense of control and comfort to them and me. It was a small beacon of light in one of my darkest times, a reminder of how essential communication is in every aspect of life.

    So why am I telling you this story?

    You might wonder what this has to do with running. After all, my emails are usually filled with tips, strategies, and stories from endurance running.

    But here’s the thing: this hospital experience, as distant as it might seem from our running world, highlighted a fundamental truth incredibly relevant to us as runners – the power of communication.

    The KIT Principle: Keeping in Touch

    One of the most transformative elements I bring to my runners, especially once they embark on the Marathon Maximiser Foundations Programme, is what I call ‘KIT’ – Keeping In Touch.

    This doesn’t just mean staying updated with training schedules or the latest running gear. It’s about cultivating a deeper level of self-awareness and communication.

    Every runner has faced those Groundhog Day moments – repeating the same mistakes, running into the same walls. This cycle of frustration often stems from a lack of self-awareness and a breakdown in communicating with oneself.

    By maintaining constant communication – or ‘keeping in touch’ – we open the door to understanding our bodies, recognizing our limits, and acknowledging when it’s time to push harder or ease back.

    And here’s where I come in – not just as a coach but as your sounding board.

    Someone who listens, advises, and guides you through the complex journey of endurance running. Together, we work not just on physical training but on enhancing your ability to listen to your body and mind, ensuring that your marathon journey is as rewarding as possible.

    Invitation to the Marathon Maximiser Foundations Programme.

    Suppose you’re a master marathon or half marathon runner looking to overcome uncertainties and save time on ineffective training. In that case, I encourage you to explore the Marathon Maximiser Foundations Programme. It’s not merely about the training plans; it’s about building a communication bridge between you and your running goals.

    Together, we’ll ensure that your journey is aligned with your ambitions, helping you to run further and faster, backed by a foundation of self-awareness and mutual understanding.

    So, if you’re curious about how the Marathon Maximiser Foundations Programme can transform your running experience, reply to this email. Let’s start a conversation and find out if this program is the right fit for you.