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Training Fundamentals For Older Endurance Runners

Welcome Older Endurance Runners Who Want To ….

Run Faster, Recover Better And Improve Your Running Form.

The 5 Training Fundamentals For Older Endurance Runners

Helping Older Runners Who Truly Want To Run Stronger And Faster
And Run Like Their Younger Selves.

As an older endurance runner, be it a 60 minute 10K, half marathon or marathon. You want to run more.

But you can’t always find the time to train. You worry about injuries and you don’t know how to pace yourself as you get older to get the best from yourself and avoid injuries and niggles..

Training Fundamentals For Older Endurance Runners is an online FREE mini-course comprising of emails and videos guides you through the process of running faster, recovering better, and improving your running form.

The mini-course consists of a 5-week email series that offers training tips to help out older endurance runners looking to speed up their pace or improve their time.

On top of this, we also provide video tutorials on how to run with better form so you can reduce injury risk that means less time running

  • Learn how to run faster and stronger with our FREE mini-course
  • Discover the best training practices for endurance runners over 40
  • Get tips on injury prevention, recovery, and achievement
  • Achieve your running goals in the most painless way possible