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Want To Get Faster As You Get Older? Then Get Stronger.

My Speed Strength System Review…

Today I’m going to review. Liam Butterworth, the speed, strength, system. 

I got to know Liam via running coaching. He was my running coach for quite some time and really helped me build up my speed, my endurance. And also my mindset around running. 

So when I started this website. The silverback runner. I really wanted to promote certain products, which I really, believed in. And one of those products is Liam’s speed, strength, system.

So Why Do You Need A Speed, Strength System? 

speed strength system

Well, as an older runner. If you want to do endurance running, and you don’t do any strength work. Then you are going backwards because as we get older, our strength, naturally reduces. 

So, to maintain that strength we have to basically do something about it we have to do some form of strength training so when we do our speed work. We don’t break down or injure ourselves. 

One of the biggest things if you look on any Facebook running page and go down all the comments, and it’s so often around injuries. Now, injuries can be caused by many, factors. 

For numerous reasons, but quite often. It comes down to the fact that what you’re trying to do your body hasn’t yet adapted to. 

 By utilising some level of strength training, you help your body, adapt and be ready for the changes in either length of running or the speed at which you run. 

This is why doing some form of strength training is so important. 

If you want to be able to run faster as an endurance runner, and also avoid, or at least reduce the risk of injury. 

However, one of my frustrations, as a long term runner is that often, that running and strength training, take up so much time.

This is something that I love about Liam’s approach because the strength training part was always done so efficiently when he coached me online. 

His system was so efficient, that it didn’t take up big amounts of my daily time which I could either be using for running or doing other stuff. 

So, with that said….. 

What Is The Speed, Strength, System? 

Well, basically what you get is the speed, strength system. So, it will show you how to improve your speed, be able to consistently run faster. as I said earlier, it will help you avoid injuries. And also, it will actually save you valuable time. 

But the thing I think that really makes this system stand out is for the price. It’s optimised for you. 

So, when you sign up, you’re asked to fill out some details and the system is optimised to where you’re at now. 

So, it’s just not a system that’s a number of videos that it’s a one size fits all. It’s actually suited to you, the amount of running you’re doing the condition you’re in. So you’ve got a much bigger chance that the system itself will work for you and get the results you want 

Plus, there are some great bonuses. 

The complete runners’ guide to strength training, I found really really helpful, because it really gave you an insight as to why you need to do strength training, and I think sometimes the reason many runners, don’t do strength training, and I am I would definitely be one of them is sometimes the Why isn’t big enough we all know why we want to run, but we don’t always know why we want to do strength training. 

So the Strength Training Guide, which is included with the speed-strength system gives you the four biggest reasons. Runners get stuck with their strength training, and how you can avoid them. 

Also how to get stronger without getting heavier which I think a lot of runners worry about.

The thing I really liked was scheduling the mistake that many runners make with their scheduling their strength and running, which is something I’ve done as well. And generally, a lot more which I just found really interesting. 

You get a perfect week planner, 

Which really get everything out in front of you. And a, a nutrition guide as well I food for fuel blueprint, which again. Lots of runners are really interested in what they should eat, whilst they’re running. 

But I find, fewer runners are interested in what they are eating before they’re running, and what they’re after they’re running and this guide really goes into that as well. 

So you’re getting a lot of value. You’re getting a digital printable workout to track your workouts. I’ve used this myself. It makes it really easy to track your progress. Each day, your training. 

So, I found the whole thing really fantastic. 

So, What Are The Pros Of The Speed Strength System? 

The pros really are. For me, its simplicity and effectiveness. You don’t have to spend 40 minutes each day doing it, but the results are there. I also love the fact that Liam’s taking the time to get you to fill out some details so that the system is perfectly tailored to you. So yet again that improves the chances of it working considerably. 

So, What Are The Cons, What Are The Downsides To The System? 

Well, this is a weird one. The price. 

I feel it’s too cheap. Now let me explain this. It’s £47. And I feel. The problem with that is that it may attract people that will see the value in doing strength training, by the system, but not follow through. If the system was £100 £150, which I think gives those kinds of results if you follow it through the people that were buying it would be very very committed to finishing the system. 

And when they finish the system they would see the results. 

So I think it’s a virtuous circle so I think actually if there is a downside with the system is Liam’s been too generous with the price. 

The Bottom Line…

And so that’d be my only thing to say to you is don’t commit to this. If you don’t think you’re going to do it. If you can’t commit. Just 30 minutes a week, a week, I repeat, to get stronger and faster. Then don’t buy the system. 

But if you’re committed to getting stronger and faster and, and improving your endurance, as a side benefit of that, then I think for £47. You’re not going to get anything much better than Liam’s system. 

So in conclusion, I feel the type of runner. That should take up this system is endurance runners, that are getting older. They still want to enjoy they’re running, they may want to improve they’re running, or they may just want to outrun ageing for as long as they can. 

If that’s the case, they know that they’ve got to get stronger and kind of do strength training. So, I would strongly recommend this system along those lines. 

The people I would say that it would not work for is if you’re the type of person that collects information, but is not the sort of person that finishes it or at least gives it a fair go, then you would be wasting £47 because there is a certain amount of commitment that you will have to make for this system to work for you. 

But with that said, I feel very very positive that anyone that gave it six to eight weeks of consistent effort would see great results and I know Liam himself has said, the people that have done the system have had great results from it.

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