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What Are Tempo Runs

    What are tempo runs

    So this week’s progress video I look at what are tempo runs and how they can benefit your training.
    I discuss how being aware of mental stress in day to day life and why adjusting your training is a smart thing to do.

    So First off…

    What Are Tempo Runs

    I have a love-hate relationship with tempo runs, I hate the thought of them but quite often enjoy them when I do them 🙂
    What tempo runs are comfortably hard running of up to an hour.
    There are various but the one I did this week was 50 minutes of a pace of between 6.45-7. 15 min milers.
    For many people, a 10k pace could be used.
    I think the main thing to consider and get right with a tempo run is it should be hard however not like you are running all out.

    Benefits Of Tempo Runs

    For me, they are great for building endurance and getting your body used to more efficient at clearing lactate acid.

    As I mentioned earlier I don’t always look forward to these runs but they are good at building mental toughness into your running without always having to go on a massively long run.

    I like there are quite a few variations of the type of tempo runs you can do from sustained tempo run that I did this week to tempo repetitions.
    Depending on my training plan and what I am training for I like to have a tempo run in once a week or once every two weeks.

    I love the long term benefits of tempo runs gives of increased endurance and higher levels of confidence that comes from running at tempo.
    I hope this gives a flavour of what are tempo runs.
    Feel free to ask any questions.

    Mental Stress Can Impact Your Body.

    I mention in the video that as I write this the UK is in its 2nd lockdown, my hairdressing business has been closed for another 4 weeks on top of the three and a half month lockdown we had from March to July.

    I am aware this has caused a certain amount of mental anguish.
    I think too many runners separate mental stress s and physical stress as two separate factors.
    In my opinion, they are not.
    I have adjusted the intensity of my training to adapt to life stresses I currently face.
    Most runners are not professional.
    So, in my opinion, you have to adapt your running round life.
    This is not to say your training becomes bland and easy.
    But for an older runner like myself, I make sure I have more recovery time.
    So for example last week I only ran 4 times.
    Only two of those runs had many challenges to them (my tempo and long run Sunday) both were followed with recovery days.
    I think it is important to not let your ego rule your training.
    Enjoy the video.
    As I say any questions about tempo runs just pop them in the comments.


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