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Why Waiting For Running Motivation To Run Will Hold You Back

    Often I get asked two questions about running motivation…

    What your motivation to run? and what do you love about running?

    The reply to both questions is the same…

    I love stopping 🙂

    Kinda tongue in cheek but it does have a serious side.

    running motivation

    The Myth Of Motivation

    I often talk to would-be runners or runners that are struggling to get started or be consistent with their running.

    They all talk about a lack of motivation.

    When I am asked for my opinion I tell them that motivation is a crock of shit.

    If I waited to feel motivated to run I would have probably run once since 1991:)

    Motivation is fleeting at best or comes in bursts and subsides.

    I hate to say it but many people have just become soft.

    and motivation is their excuse for not doing a thing.

    Don’t get me wrong if you don’t want to do a thing don’t do it however if you are saying to people that the reason you aren’t running is a lack of motivation then ….

    Here’s the tough love bit…

    It’s bullshit.

    Look I have a game I play with people and myself when I or others say they can’t or won’t do a thing….

    I say if someone had a gun to your head and was going to blow your brains out could you do it?

    For me, this divides things up into things I can’t do or won’t do.

    For example, you could have a gun against my head and ask me to speak fluent french sadly I would have to have my brains blown out because Iam not capable of that, though of course, I could learn.


    If you said could I get up at 5 am before work and go for a run .. I could do that…

    Would I be motivated to do that?

    No… not normally without the gun pointing at my head.

    But it shows that I could do it.

    So What’s The Alternative To Waiting For Motivation ( No Gun Required)

    1. Your Word Is Your Bond.

    Make a promise to yourself and do it … So simple. 

    Look every day you brush your teeth without a problem, most people go to work and quite often they don’t want to go but when it comes to something that they say is important to them .. They cheat themselves.

    Let me ask you would you cheat another person?

    Say you would meet them and not turn up? Of course not. So don’t let yourself down, because we all know how that feels.

    Of course, if an emergency happens, you adapt however you make a commitment to yourself to do a thing and you show up.

    2.Future Pace.

    Mentally future pace how good you will feel after running. 

    Have a reward at the end. I love green tea with a wee bit of honey.. tastes fantastic after a run.

    Imagine how much better you will feel physically and mentally for getting it done when you did not feel like it

    3.Ignore The Inner Dialogue.

    Now when you make that commitment as it gets closer if you arent feeling motivated those voices in your head start…Or is it just me 🙂

    You know the ones that give you a way out

    you’re tired.

    It’s wet

    it’s hot

    it’s cold

    the list is endless…

    This is what I do

    I tell the voices in my head to …

    Shut the fuck up…

    Look most of us are experts at ignoring this voice in our heads when it says don’t have that extra drink on a night out 🙂 So why not ignore it when you are trying to do something positive.

    4.Make It Easy.

    Have all your kit, drinks ready to go. trainers to hand near the door. The less friction or resistance to doing anything is always good.


    If it’s safe to do so and you tend to run in groups or with other people. Try and go out running on your own. it’s great to run with others however sometimes when that is not available some peoples motivation to run diminishes.